How To Reduce Your Risk Of Scarring After Surgery

Some scarring after any surgical procedure is inevitable. Nevertheless, there are ways you can help to minimize noticeable scars. If you are planning to have a surgical procedure, the team at Premier Surgical Lawson Group wants to share how to reduce your risk of scarring after surgery.

Avoid The Direct Sun

Keep the incision out of the sunlight as best you can. If the scar is visible, use sunblock or talk with your surgeon about special sunscreens to minimize scarring after surgery.

Massage The Area

It is helpful to massage the area of the incision with gentle pressure as soon as possible. Continue for two to three months for the best outcome. Massage back and forth and in circles, and be patient.

Use Vitamin E topical gel or ointment as well. Look for silicone tape in your local drugstore in the first aid section for use over your scar. Remove it when showering and re-apply a new one. A silicone cream will work as well. This is especially important in the first few weeks after surgery.

Avoid Movements That Affect The Incisionpost surgical scar.

Be careful not to lift or move in a way that can put stress on the incision. If the stitches come apart, you may not not heal properly, and it could result in scarring.

Limit Exercise

Check with your Premier Surgical Lawson Group physician about when you can begin to do even mild exercise.

No Smoking And Limit Alcohol Consumption

No smoking is non-negotiable as you increase the risk of scarring when you smoke. Alcohol dehydrates your body which can affect your overall health and healing process.

At the same time, stay well hydrated by increasing your daily amount of water since this will help with healing and reduce scarring. You will know you are meeting this goal if your urine is almost colorless or very light.

Manage Diabetes

If you are diabetic, it is essential that you keep your glucose level within normal limits since you are already susceptible to slow healing.

Eat Protein

Consume protein like lean cuts of chicken, beef, pork, seafood, and fish to help you heal. If you don’t eat meat, soy products are a good substitute.

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