General Surgery in The Tri-Cities

About Premier Surgical Lawson Group (formerly John Lawson Surgical) in Johnson City, TN

Premier Surgical Lawson Group has focused on providing comprehensive surgical care for patients in Johnson City for many years. We are excited to now be part of Premier Surgical Associates. Our name has slightly changed, but our physicians’ and staff’s commitment to serving our patients is as strong as ever. From your initial consultation to a follow-up visit, our team is here to listen, answer questions and deliver personalized surgical care to our patients.

All of our surgeons are board-certified and fellows of the American College of Surgeons.

We utilize advanced technology whenever possible to benefit patients through minimally invasive treatments including robotic-assisted surgery. Our surgeons’ expertise covers a broad range of general, breast, vascular and colorectal surgery.

History of serving the Tri-Cities

Dr. John Lawson was the founding father of The John Lawson Surgical Group (JLSG). Dr. John Lawson always had a reputation of being calm, mild-mannered, and respectful of patients and families. As the group has grown, we do our best to maintain Dr. Lawson’s philosophy of inpatient care. Dr. Lawson retired in the early 90’s and after a highly successful career in general surgery and a long caring and compassionate life he passed away in 2007.

Dr. Beth Lawson, John’s daughter, joined the group in 1986 after finishing her residency in Memphis, TN. The practice continued to grow and Dr. Tony Haley joined the group after completing his residency at Quillen College of Medicine and was fortunate to train under Dr. John Lawson.

Dr. Kenneth Cutshall, a native of Johnson City, returned home to practice surgery with JLSG in 1992 and the last addition to the group is Dr. Trey Robertson.

Dr. Robertson is originally from Chattanooga and attended medical school at the University of Louisville, in Kentucky. He came to ETSU for his surgical residency and trained under Dr. Tony Haley and Dr. Kenneth Cutshall and decided to join the group when he completed his residency.

Our Surgeons

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